Todd Koep  

Founder/Lead Investigator

Cindy Clough

Case Manager/Historian

Susan Ahearn

Psychic Medium/Investigator

David Faria


Shannon Souza


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T&K Paranormal Research Society (TKPRS) was founded in 2017 by Todd Koep and now has 5 active paranormal investigators and 2 investigators-in-training. Our purpose is to help those that are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and businesses. We investigate in a confidential and professional manner by utilizing the latest research equipment and techniques. TKPRS members bring years, even decades, of paranormal investigation experience in an effort to answer the who and why in every case. We focus on investigating, documenting and educating our clients about paranormal activity we find in our their location. If you feel that you need help please feel free to reach out to TKPRS through our Facebook page (@tandkprs), email ( or phone. We are here for you 24/7.  


All of our services are free of charge and we are fully insured (A COI is available upon request). 

We do graciously accept donations.

Your donations allow us to continue to serve every client (old and new) at NO COST. We appreciate your generosity! Our team humbly thanks you. Your contribution facilitates our future investigations and daily updates. Thank you!



“I liked this team from the first time I met them.  That is why we chose them to come in and find out what's going on in our Museum.”

Deb Del Negro


JUST A FEW OF OUR HUNDREDS OF EVPs. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)