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Evil attacks us...

The team recently had a crazy interaction with something that was particularly evil. It's not something that I had really believed in before it happened and i'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around what happened to us.

It all started with a client that operates a historical museum on Cape Cod. This museum reached out to us to come in and investigate the claims of their employees which ranged from strange sounds to voices. Nothing that troubling or anything that would raise a red flag with the team. I did the walk through and inspected every section of the museum and had not had anything jump out that would lead me to believe that we would have been running into one of the more terrifying things any of us had seen before.

The time had come for the investigation and it was to be a two night back to back investigation. We setup 12 cameras, 2 dvrs to record the cameras, we had voice recorders everywhere and we also had our usual ghost hunting toys with us. The night started as a typical investigation, we had heard singing, strange noises but nothing to evil at this point. We decided to dust off the spirit box to try to make contact with the person that was singing. What we came across was a young boy that wanted us to go outside and play, a 20 something that was cold and wanted his mother, then all hell broke loose. We were hearing a lot of swearing and vulgar language from the spirit box. I had stopped it within about 8 minutes thinking this conversation was going downhill quickly. One the individual on the spirit box came downstairs to where we were asking questions I immediately asked her if she was ok, Her answer was a resounding "NO!" She then walked up to our client and started telling her that this was her fault. I'm not going to go into too many details but I had asked her to step outside and take 5. She claims no knowledge of going after our client, or myself which she did after I stopped her rampage.

In summing up the first night, it was interesting to say the least. The second night was way quieter with very few things happening but one of our investigators who has never been touched was touched and we both chased a cold spot across a hallway and into the dining room. This is where the investigation had ended but our experiences were far from over.

Each one of the team members had various experiences after the investigation. The experiences ranged from someone loosing a tooth, to bad nightmares, to stuff bouncing off a wall and in one case, a fireplace starting on it's own. This evil entity that we ran into is very well known, no I will not say it's name but ti's well documented, and it likes to play off your fears. It's very good at it and I can tell you first hand that I would rather not run into this one again. It made us do things we normally don't do, say things we normally wouldn't say and worst of all, it offended our families and friends.

I want to finish this blog with the fact that this will not stop us from searching for the "who" and "why" for our clients. If we run into this again, we now know what to look for and how to deal with it. We have backup and good friends that we can call in for help with serious cases like this. Stay tuned for future blogs about this case and other ones we are currently working on.

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